Hello friends,

My name is Majda and I’m a stay at home mom who’s in continuous search of a new recipe!!!

I always liked being in the kitchen, especially baking desserts! My younger sister Amal is the chef in our family, and she’s so good at it 🙂

Back in the days, I had two passions: my family and the financial industry because I’ve been a banker all my life. Nowadays, I still have a passion towards my family (on most days, haha) and I developed new ones like cooking, gardening, blogging…

I lived in the USA most of my adult life, I raised a family here and my wonderful boys, Joey and Bobby are grown and are establishing their own lives. They turned out to be really good cooks themselves and I’m so proud of them 🙂

I will use this blog as my home away from home to reconnect to my roots and family. I still remember when we gathered at my grandparents’ house every Sunday for late lunch being surrounded with love, laughter, and amazing food. That’s the experience I want to share with you hoping it will add enrichment to your table!

My hope is to share recipes from around the Mediterranean, savory and sweet. With each post, I intend to show you techniques that I learned from my mom, and she learned from her mom.

I dedicate this blog to Lebanon, my homeland that I miss dearly!

I appreciate your visit and hope we can cook/bake together 🙂